Friday, October 26, 2007

featured artist for November Virginia Wieringa

I have the honor of being the featured artist at the showroom for November. These are a couple of the mixed media pieces I have on display. I work in a wide range of styles and I enjoy the variety. Some may think my work lacks a singular focus because of my wide range of media and subjects, but I like the freedom to experiment! Come in and see my work this month (and every month) at this fabulous art showroom!

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kim Vandenberg- photographer and ceramist

MOTHER DAUGHTER by Kim Vandenberg


A glimpse into my world these past 40 years... Daughter, Wife, Mother,Artist, Teacher, and Friend.

In general, I enjoy life and embrace every new experience and encounter. My most recent accomplishments as an artist was an invitation to the spring,

Festival 2007 Regional Art, West Michigan Regional Competition 2007,

Lansing Fire & Mud 2006 of The Lansing Art Gallery, Grand Rapids Art

Festival 2005, Lowell Art Regional Show 2005, West Michigan Regional

77th of Muskegon Art Museum 2004, Scarab Club 2003, and U of M show at the Berkowitz Gallery 2003.

I have moved from sculpted vessels and functional arts, such as bowls, and I am currently creating one of kind ceramic pieces. I enjoy art history, the great masters of architecture and photography is incorporated in my work, although natures beauty is also a great inspiration.

My second love is to teach children and give back what I have learned. I teach art enrichment classes independently and through Grandville Academy of Arts. We have enriched the lives of the students by presenting Goytako printing, ceramics, origami, sculpture, and several other mediums.

I am a resident of North Grand Rapids and have given back to the community by chairing events the Grand Rapids Art Festival.

I am a graduate of Grand Rapids Community College and have attended Center of Creative Studies in Detroit. I have worked as a jeweler and designer in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I also enjoy metal and wire sculpture, photography and weaving natural fibers.

May your world be inspired through art.

Kimberly Anne VandenBerg

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bob Gronevelt tables

We have a lovely assortment of tables by Lowell resident Bob Gronevelt.
These are lovingly hand crafted and have a sumptuous finish.